Monday, June 27, 2011

Dearest Recruiter

Update:I expanded on this a bit over here:

I'm taking some time out of my lunch break today, when I'd much rather be indulging in some geek porn over at Hacker News, to submit a plea on behalf of all the in-demand geeks out there.

You probably found my resume, my consulting company, my blog, my Linked In, my Facebook profile, the MySpace profile I haven't taken the time to delete, my Stack Exchange profile, and some personal blogs about my kids via Google. Did you actually read any of it? No? I am an entrepreneurial generalist that prefers to balance business, product, and technology. I do not want a heads-down, order-following, engineering role.

Yes, I joke about golden handcuffs, but I am happy in my current position. I work from home for the most part. I am working on autonomous startup-like projects that provide great satisfaction. I have some cool benefits and awesome perks. Oh yeah, and I'm paid well.

But, I digress. I do enjoy money. I am human, and a good American consumer. I like to buy stuff. My wife likes to buy stuff. We like vacationing. It's fun. So I'll make you an offer. I will consider your position if you can provide compensation like Sergey Aleynikov. Let's round it up to $500k/yr total compensation, and the work better be self rewarding as well. Yes, I'm serious.

Do I feel bad for asking for such a huge sum? No, I don't. Am I entitled to it? Probably not. But I'm happy in my position and a few thousand dollars extra will not change my mind. I am not interested in a market-competitive salary. I am not interested in being the 25th employee at the next great Groupon clone. I understand how company capitalization and ESOP's work.

Now, I might be interested in being the first employee at a startup or a technical cofounder, but it had better be really darn interesting. I've got my own ideas and stack of half finished prototypes to productize. :) On that note, consulting arrangements at > $200/hr will also be considered.

Stop contacting me with inappropriate jobs that have nothing to do with my experience. Stop attempting to relocate me to Indiana. Stop asking what it would take for me to move to a new position. Stop wasting my time. Please. Stop.

Best Regards,

The In-Demand Geek

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