Thursday, December 6, 2007

Geeks With Kids

I was just IMing with a good geek friend of mine. This is what happens when you give paranoid geeks kids (names removed for obvious reasons).

(5:08:06 PM) Geek Friend: i'm outta here, i gotta go home,
looks like the kids are fighting
(5:08:15 PM) Geek Friend: no adult supervision
(5:08:20 PM) Me: haha
(5:08:26 PM) Me: you watching them on camera?
(5:08:27 PM) Geek Friend: i'm so glad my parents didn't have
video cameras all over my house when i was their age
(5:08:30 PM) Me: hahahha
(5:08:34 PM) Geek Friend: watching, listening
(5:08:39 PM) Me: and they know?
(5:08:42 PM) Geek Friend: going to go ground two of them
(5:08:44 PM) Geek Friend: yeah, they know
(5:08:47 PM) Me: wow
(5:08:56 PM) Me: and they still act up
(5:08:56 PM) Me: crazy
(5:09:04 PM) Geek Friend: kid0 was straight up punching kid1
just now
(5:09:08 PM) Geek Friend: elbowed him in the face
(5:09:17 PM) Geek Friend: tried to gouge his eyes with her
(5:09:17 PM) Me: nice
(5:09:19 PM) Geek Friend: crazy fight
(5:09:25 PM) Geek Friend: never seen them do anything like
that before
(5:09:30 PM) Me: well get goin!
(5:09:33 PM) Me: before one of them dies
(5:09:38 PM) Geek Friend: i called them
(5:09:42 PM) Me: ah
(5:09:43 PM) Geek Friend: they're sitting in the corners
of the room
(5:09:46 PM) Me: lol
(5:09:47 PM) Geek Friend: and can't move
(5:10:05 PM) Geek Friend: i turned on the alarm, i told
them if they move, the alarm will go off and the police
will come
(5:10:21 PM) Geek Friend: (not true though) just a really
loud noise until i shut it off
(5:10:49 PM) Geek Friend: later

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